Lord Hanuman

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About Lord Hanuman

Lord हनुमान is the son of Vayu, the Hindu god of Wind and also called Maruti and Pawan Putra. God Hanuman is immortal because he has the boon of immortality. He was a great devotee of Lord Rama. Picture of Sita, Rama and Hanuman

Hanuman is best known from the Indian Hindu epic Ramayana. Bajrang Bali is the son of Anjana and Kesari and is also son of the wind-god Vayu, who according to several stories, played a role in his birth. His theological origins in Hinduism are unclear. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman Ji, the monkey God. He is the symbol of strength and energy and called by their devotee as Sankata Mochana, the remover of dangers. Mahavira, Bajrangbali is worshiped for his unyielding devotion to Sri Rama and is remembered for his selfless dedication to the God. Lord Hanuman was born on Tuesday, so Tuesday is considered very auspicious day to his worship. He is also mentioned in several other texts, such as the Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh texts. Several later texts like ‎Ramcharitmanas also present Bajrangbali as an incarnation (Rudra Avatar) of Shiva. Here are some HD images and free wallpaper of Hindu God Hanumanji.

Hanuman HD Wallpaper:
Hanuman is a Hindu god known for his strength, devotion, and bravery. He is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic Ramayana and is revered by millions of people around the world. If you’re a fan of Hanuman, you might want to adorn your desktop or phone with a Hanuman HD wallpaper. There are many options available online, ranging from traditional depictions of Hanuman to more modern and stylized interpretations. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and download it to your device to enjoy Hanuman’s presence every time you use it.

Hanuman Images:
Hanuman is an iconic figure in Hindu mythology and has been depicted in countless images throughout history. From ancient sculptures to modern digital art, there are endless representations of Hanuman available to explore. If you’re interested in Hanuman images, you can browse through online galleries or visit Hindu temples and art museums to see physical depictions of the god. Many Hanuman images depict him in his characteristic pose with one hand raised in blessing or in action scenes, showcasing his superhuman strength and abilities.

Angry Hanuman images:
While Hanuman is known for his devotion and compassion, he is also capable of great anger and ferocity. In Hindu mythology, there are several instances where Hanuman becomes enraged and unleashes his wrath on his enemies. One famous depiction of Angry Hanuman is the Krodhakali form, their images and stickers for car and bike are visible everywhere, where he is shown with his body covered in flames and his eyes burning with fury. Another instance is when Hanuman destroys the city of Lanka with his bare hands in the Ramayana. Despite his wrathful side, Hanuman is still considered a beloved and respected figure by Hindus around the world.

Hanuman wallpapers for mobile devices are a great way to show your devotion to this Hindu god while personalizing your phone. Here are some ideas for Hanuman wallpapers for your mobile device:

Traditional depictions: There are many traditional depictions of Hanuman that make for beautiful wallpapers. These might include images of Hanuman holding a mace, carrying a mountain, or bowing before Lord Rama. Look for high-quality images with vibrant colors and intricate details.

Modern interpretations: If you prefer a more contemporary style, there are many artists who have created modern interpretations of Hanuman. These might include digital art or illustrations that incorporate Hanuman’s image into a graphic or abstract design. Look for artists who have a style that resonates with you and who have created high-quality images that will look great on your phone.

Action scenes: Hanuman is known for his strength and bravery, and there are many action scenes from the Ramayana that make for exciting wallpaper images. Look for images of Hanuman battling demons or flying through the air, his long tail streaming behind him.

No matter what type of Hanuman wallpaper you choose, make sure it’s the right size for your specific device and that the image is high-quality and visually appealing. This will ensure that your Hanuman wallpaper looks great and inspires you every time you use your phone.

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